Brownies from Hertford’s 1st Birch Green group will be safe during the dark winter nights thanks to a local opticians.

Promote road safety

Specsavers opticians in Hertford, located at 28 Bircherley Green Shopping Centre, gave the vests to the Brownies group to promote road safety and raise awareness of the importance of eye health.

Annual initiative

The store made the donations in conjunction with Road Safety Week, an annual initiative by the road safety charity Brake. Specsavers opticians have been supporting Road Safety Week by raising awareness of the campaign’s message, ‘look out for each other’ through high visibility jacket donations and highlighting the importance of eyesight in staying safe on the roads.

Safe and visible

Store director, Dhiren Nakrani, says: ‘We want to make sure that children are safe and visible during the darker winter months. ‘Since the clocks have changed and nights have got darker, we hope our donation will help keep parents’ minds at ease when the kids are out on trips and excursions. We also hope that we can raise awareness of road safety and reduce the number of accidents and tragedies on UK roads.’

Top priority

Brownie Group Leader, Kate Maguire, says: ‘The high visibility jackets will be really useful to keep the group safe and visible during our trips and outings. Road safety is a top priority for us and we hope we can encourage the girls to spread the word and look out for each other.’

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