We talk to Hemel Hempstead Clinical Director, Shane about what drives him at work, and his passion for contact lens technology.

What made you decide to become an Optometrist? 
I decided to become an Optometrist because I felt the role had the perfect balance between being medically focused and customer orientated. Unlike some doctors who work long nights and have to be on call every so often, Optometrists typically work a fairly standard schedule.

For me, optometry is ideal as it has the routine structure that I desire as well as the opportunity 
for me to provide a better quality of life to my patients by improving their vision.

What does a typical day as an Optometrist Store Partner at Specsavers look like?
I’ve found being an Optometrist and business owner requires you to be extremely versatile. 
No two days look the same. My day-to-day routine involves working in clinics and conducting eye examinations while supervising Pre-Registration Optometrists. I try to take one day a week to catch up on administrative tasks and check in with all staff and departments.

What technological developments have you seen recently in store? 
The biggest one has to be the Optical Coherence Tomography or ‘OCT’. It lets us see deep into the eye like we’ve never been able to before. To say we use the same technology as NASA is amazing!

How has contact lens technology developed in general since you started in the profession?
The contact lenses we are fitting now are much more advanced. There has been some real innovation over the past few years that mean that they are more comfortable and healthier than they have ever been. Treatments available for dry eye and blepharitis have come on leaps and bounds. These issues once made contact lens wear almost impossible, but are now a thing of the past.

What have you learnt since starting at Specsavers? 
I started with Specsavers in 2007 as a Dispensing Optician. I then qualified as a Contact Lens Optician in 2009. I started my optometry degree at Bradford University in 2010 and finished my pre-registration in 2012. I became the Clinical Director at Specsavers Hemel Hempstead in 2014. I also currently work in a glaucoma clinic at Moorfields Eye Hospital. Looking to the future, I am hopefully about to qualify as an Independent Prescribing Optometrist.

What are you looking to achieve in your future at Specsavers?
I really want to push the bar higher clinically. I’m hoping to develop and run successful dry eye clinics that offer real solutions to the everyday problems patients come to accept as routine.

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