Parisian fashion label Balmain has been named by Specsavers in Hemel Hempstead as the essential frames for 2018.

Meticulously-designed, the Balmain brand details can be found on every frame, including a gold ‘B’ on the temple tips and detailed embellishments on the frames inspired by the Balmain belt chain collection.

Balmain spokesperson Maï Dao-Vu said: ‘The collection of frames feature styles and colours that make women feel beautiful, confident and empowered. Balmain is not only a look, but also a feeling.’

A stylish spectacle

The Balmain range features 17 exclusive styles – 13 glasses and four prescription sunglasses – inspired by Balmain’s structured and expertly crafted clothing.

Maï added: ‘The Balmain team take great pride in the launch of the new range, seeing it as an incredible opportunity to inspire fashion-conscious glasses wearers to update their wardrobes with a statement piece of eyewear.

‘The Specsavers collaboration has provided the opportunity to bring everyone into the House of Balmain. We wanted to add a signature Balmain twist to classic and modern styles so that the frames could hint at exclusivity while maintaining the simplicity of an everyday look.'

High-end on the high-street

As a world-renowned fashion house, Balmain embodies the glamour that Specsavers wants to make accessible to everyone.

Store director Daniel Harris said: ‘It’s fantastic to have these stunning frames exclusively at Specsavers and with their elegant and beautiful style, they’re a great way to get a new look for 2018.’

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