After winning this year's Opticians Award for Enhanced Eye Care Service, Bill Harvey from the trade magazine Optician visited store director Andy Britton and the rest of the team at Specsavers Haverfordwest.

The magazine will be working closely with Specsavers Haverfordwest and will feature a number of clinical case studies in the coming months. Read below for highlights from the article featured in August. 

Striving forward

Since taking over in 2006, Andy and his co-director Paul Skoczek have worked hard to embrace all possible enhanced service options available locally and have been heavily involved in the integration of new schemes. 

The practice now boasts six consulting rooms, with four full time optometrists (all EHEW accredited), two pre-registrations optometrists, three regular locums, and three dispensing opticians, two of whom provide low vision services. The staff have access to the latest technology with a full range of clinical instrumentation and networking facilities with the wider health care community. 

Seven-day support

The practice offers seven-day support for primary care enhanced services, many of which Andy was instrumental in developing. 

Andy says: 'We have always stepped up to the plate when making clinical decisions to avoid unnecessary referrals to secondary care which is many cases would involve a trip in excess of 50 miles.

'We routinely remove corneal foreign bodies, eyelashes as well as diagnosing and suggesting treatment plans for a variety of red eyes that present. We also have the necessary skills and experience to safely manage patients presenting with flashes and floaters.'

The store also offers glaucoma referral refinement and cataract services, the latter including a full pre-operative dilated assessment of the patient with a full explanation of the procedure, risks and an exploration of the lifestyle implications prior to referral to avoid unnecessary HES appointments and to assist in prioritising those in urgent need.

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