Specsavers stores across the country are now stocking the world’s first hearing aid with rechargeable batteries.

One of the latest innovations in hearing aid technology the Signia Cellion primax means that users no longer have to worry about replacing the batteries every few days.


With a battery life of 24 hours between charges, the Cellion primax offers hearing aid wearers a complete day of clear hearing before a very straightforward contactless recharging process.

The sleek and compact charging unit can be plugged into mains electricity or connected to a power source via a USB port making it easy to use anywhere and suitable for travel. The hearing aids are simply placed in ports in the unit with no moving parts and nothing to plug in. To ensure maximum power the Cellion primax automatically turns off when charging and reactivates when removed.

Charge overnight or on the go

A full charge takes four hours. You can simply leave them to charge overnight, just like you might do with a mobile phone. Alternatively, 30 minutes of charging will enable seven hours of use if you need a quick charge on the go. The charger even dehumidifies the hearing aids to help their long term preservation.

Remote control

What’s more, the hearing aid can be discreetly controlled via the touchControl App and miniPocket device, allowing users to adjust the settings to their needs in different environments.

To find out more our team of fully-qualified, professional audiologists are available to offer advice in store.

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