Specsavers Hastings recently held a fundraising bake sale for the British Tinnitus Association – and raised £80.40 for the charity.

The Tea for Tinnitus event was held to mark Tinnitus Awareness Week in February, and there were tons of delicious cakes on offer in the Priory Meadow Shopping Centre, Queens Road, store.

A common condition

Tinnitus is a common condition which affects around six million people in the UK according to Action on Hearing Loss – and normally causes a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears.

It currently has no cure, although it can be managed. So protecting your hearing really matters.

A word from the store director

Rob Lofting, store director in Hastings, said: ‘The team worked really hard to produce some delicious bakes – and our staff and customers loved them. I am proud of their hard work.

‘Tinnitus is a common condition but can be very difficult for sufferers to manage. We cannot offer a cure, but we can offer tips in store on how to make it easier to cope with. So why not come and see us for a free hearing test, and ask us about tinnitus at the same time.’

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