You should be feeling lucky, lucky, lucky this month – the sun is finally out, and there is a great new pair of Kylie Minogue sunglasses available at Specsavers Harlesden now.

So if you have never bought a pair of prescription sunglasses from the store before, it really is never too late to start.

Check them out today

The new style, called Timebomb after one of Kylie’s classic hits, is sure to delight customers – and help keep their eyes safe in the sun.

So whether you are a red blooded woman, or are just looking to live a little, why not check out Timebomb alongside the full range of Kylie Minogue sunglasses in store now.

Feel fabulous

Navdeep Sharma, store director in Harlesden, said: ‘It is so nice to finally see the sun after a long winter.

‘So why not celebrate by borrowing a little of Kylie’s style this month to make you feel fabulous.’

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