With the opening of his first Specsavers store in Hampton this month, director Keval Pabari gives an insight into his interesting career path and his exciting plans for the future.

Always improving

After more than two years working as a pre-reg optometrist at the Specsavers Walworth Road store, Keval decided the time was right to get into practice ownership himself in 2016.

To help achieve this, he set himself the task of gaining as much knowledge and experience as possible from senior opticians and other businesses.

He says: ‘I’m still quite young so I wanted to see what other stores were like – how they were run, what they do well.

‘I learnt what was working well in these businesses and what I could bring to my practice when it opened.’

Hollywood treatment

Keval’s quest for knowledge led him to take on a number of interesting jobs – including looking after the eyes of actors on blockbuster film sets.

He explains: ‘During my locum work, I did contact fittings in a lot of movies, especially action hero movies where they use cosmetic contact lenses. One of the last films I worked on was Justice League.

‘I would fit contact lenses on the actors and I was responsible for looking after their eyes during shoots – I enjoyed my time on set and it was a lot of fun.’

A new challenge

After caring for the eyesight of Hollywood stars, Keval is bringing the same star treatment to the people of Hampton as director of his own store, which has recently opened in the Sainsbury’s St Clares superstore.

He says: ‘We are part of this unique opportunity where we can look after our customers’ eyes and ears, and let Sainsbury’s take care of their shopping.

Always welcome

Keval extends a warm welcome to customers young and old to the store, adding: ‘I’m looking forward to bringing first class care to the people of Hampton.’

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