Rebecca Burgess, ophthalmic optician at Specsavers in Hammersmith is here to help with all your contact lens questions.

What contact lens is best for me?

A good question and it all comes down to you. We will want to understand how you wish to wear your lenses - for example, for sport and occasional use, or all the time. We also need to factor your vision needs too and any conditions, such as astigmatism.

Contact lenses are very comfortable thanks to the wonderful innovations made by the industry over the years. They can be worn daily, fortnightly or monthly and this usually comes down to personal preference.

Can I swim in contact lenses?

There is an organism that lives in the water (acanthamoeba) that can case an infection, so we advise against it. That said, you can get prescription swimming goggles and we can help with this.

Can I sleep in my contact lenses?

Sleeping in your contact lenses can increase the risk of infection. Our advice if to remove them as instructed by your contact lens advisor, using the provided solution.

Can I wear make-up?

Yes, but put your lenses in before you put your make on and do not wear eyeliner in the 'wet' part of the edge of your lids as this could block the glands that produce your tears.  It is also advisable to ear water soluble makeup rather than waterproof variants. 

This means that if your make-up gets into your eyes, it is more likely to dissolve with your natural tears and not get trapped under the lens.

The team at Hammersmith offer a free contact lenses trial, enabling you to see if they suit you. To learn more, pop into the store.

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