A visit to Specsavers in Halesowen proved to be a sight saver for local resident Valerie Jeavons.

Spotting a line 

Mrs Jeavons, 74, was at Specsavers for a regular eye examination. During the sight test, optician Shahid Parvez, spotted a stretched line across Mrs Jeavon’s macular in her left eye. The macular is the sensitive part of the retina responsible for our central vision and colour vision, and is the size of a grain of rice.

‘Immediately I knew something wasn’t right’ 

‘Immediately I knew something wasn’t right when I saw the line. Mrs Jeavons suffers from cataracts so deteriorating vision is to be expected, but the macular should not be affected. I spoke to her about what I saw and immediately referred her to Birmingham Hospital, ’explains Shahid. 

Mrs Jeavons was seen by a consultant at the Birmingham Midland Eye Centre in City Hospital, the next day. Upon further examination, the consultant explained to Mrs Jeavons that a part of the macular had to be removed. 

Mrs Jeavons said: ‘The consultant told me about the possibility of going to America for treatment. He explained that the hospital in America would pay to fly me over and conduct the operation free of charge. It would involve one injection in my left eye and then regular checkups at Birmingham Hospital for three months. 

‘I agreed to volunteer and go ahead with the injection, if it would help me then it would help others in the future.’

Successful treatment

The treatment was a great success and the line across her macular has completely gone, and she has nothing but gratitude for Specsavers. 

‘I would like to say a huge thank you to Shahid and the team at Specsavers. If it hadn’t been for Shahid’s diligence during the routine examination I would still have a problem, and my vision would have deteriorated. Although the injection was a bit painful, it is nothing compared to the risk of losing my sight. I would urge everyone to get their eyes checked,’ commented Mrs Jeavons.

Customers must make regular appointments

Shahid concludes: ‘I am so glad that the treatment worked for Mrs Jeavons. Her case was very rare but luckily there was a solution. I echo Valerie’s sentiment and ask that customers make regular appointments, at least every two years. This will not only help us identify any irregularities but if a problem is spotted, will enable us to provide an early diagnosis.’

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