The experts at Specsavers Hailsham have an important message this New Year for anyone who has not had an eye test for a while – they really matter, and could even detect changes in your general health.

Book an eye test today

Eye tests are recommended every two years from the age of three, unless you have been told to have a test more often.

It is important to have a regular test because your vision can change, so you may need a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses. Not only that, but an eye test can detect medical conditions like diabetes and glaucoma too.

Take care of your health

Badrinath Mohandas, store director in Hailsham, said: ‘Eye tests are relatively quick and entirely painless, and can detect a variety of medical conditions in addition to changes in your vision. So they are an essential part of taking care of your health.

‘And, if you need new glasses, we have some great styles in store, so why not book your eye test today.’

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