Have you had your hearing checked recently?

If not, if you are over the age of 55 – or have noticed you are finding it harder to hear than you used to – why not take a few minutes to pop into Specsavers Hailsham for a free three minute hearing test.

Get your hearing checked

The store, in The Quintins, has qualified audiologists ready to give your hearing a free MOT, and a wide selection of hearing aids available at a great price if you need one. And there is no obligation to buy.

If you do not need a hearing aid, but have suffered some hearing loss, they will be able to help you out with some tips on how to cope better with any changes.

Hearing aids have changed

Badrinath Mohandas, store director in Hailsham, said: ‘As many as one in six people in the UK are said to have some sort of hearing problem according to the charity Action on Hearing Loss. So they are comparatively common, and certainly nothing to be embarrassed about.

‘Hearing aids today are really effective and much smaller, so even if you do need to get one, most people would not even notice you were wearing it. And we do not charge more if you want a behind the ear or in the ear model. The test is so quick and easy – and free – so why not come and see us in store soon.’

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