If you have ever been to a concert, music festival or nightclub, you will probably be familiar with the after effects.

Perhaps a little temporary deafness, or a mild ringing or buzzing in your ears?

A fact of life

For around six million people in the UK, that ringing or buzzing sound is a fact of life.

They suffer from tinnitus, a medical condition with no cure – but that can be managed, according to the experts at Specsavers Hailsham, in The Quintins.

A common problem

Martin Dodd, audiology director at Specsavers Hailsham, said: ‘Tinnitus is an extremely common problem.

‘Although the exact cause of it is unknown, it can affect anyone of any age as a result of being exposed to loud noise just once – so protecting your hearing is really important.’

Celebrity sufferers

A number of celebrities have spoken about their battle with tinnitus, including the well-known DJ and broadcaster Jo Whiley.

Jo said: ‘My tinnitus tends to flare up if I have been at a gig, DJ-ing at a club, or wearing headphones for long periods of time which is frustrating as I love live music. It can affect me for days afterwards and I have a constant whistle in my ears which can be hard to live with.

‘I wish I had protected my hearing throughout my career but I always felt that I could not truly hear the music, so I never bothered. It has made me realise just how important it is.’

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