Whether you are a self-confessed hipster or just love a pair of trendy new frames, Specsavers Hackney in Mare Street have a real treat for you.

It comes in the shape of a new collection of designer glasses from Balmain.

Great Christmas present

The new collection is classically styled with a modern twist, and contains 17 different designs.

They would make a great Christmas present for yourself – or for a loved one, if they are due an eye test. It might not be a surprise as they will have to choose their own frames, but it is sure to be appreciated.

Come and see us

Jayesh Maru, store director in Hackney, said: ‘Hackney has a bit of a reputation for being hip these days – but we know that a lot of our customers really rate good value and high-quality glasses without the usual designer price tag.

‘That is why we are delighted that these glasses are available for £169 on our buy-one-get-one-free offer in store. We would love to see you soon.’

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