Specsavers Guiseley's insistence on referring a customer to hospital has saved a Horsforth woman from losing her vision.

Routine eye examination

A large tear on Heather Marston’s retina was spotted and shortly operated on, after an optician at Guiseley Specsavers, referred her to an eye casualty based at St James's University Hospital.

Heather had no symptoms so only attended her routine eye examination after her husband broke his spectacles and needed a replacement pair.

She said: ‘I arrived for the eye examination and had all the usual eye tests done. The optometrist seemed to be spending a long time examining my eyes and repeating photographs of the back of my eyes.

Operation to save my vision

‘When he informed me that I actually had a large tear on my retina, I felt absolutely shocked and just could not believe it. He telephoned eye casualty straight away and I was told at the hospital I needed an operation to save my vision.’

Anjam Akbar, the optometrist treating her, said: ‘The eye examination showed that Heather had a large retinal tear. I therefore had to act quickly to get her seen at a specialist eye unit as soon as possible. Her condition, if left untreated, would have caused Heather to lose her sight in that eye. Heather is a clear example of why it is so important to have regular eye exams.’

So grateful

Heather continues: ‘The seven days following my operation I had to keep my head still and lay on my right side to keep any fluid away from the centre of my eye. My vision slowly improved and the swelling reduced.

‘Feeling fortunate about my visit to Specsavers Guiseley is an understatement. I am so grateful to have been referred and treated. It made me realise what life could have been like as it affected my day-to-day life so much. If I had not been referred so promptly, it could have been permanent.’

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