A young woman from Guildford will have her eye firmly on the ball after being given free contact lenses by Specsavers.

3 months' worth of contact lenses

21 year-old Clowance Lawton, a goalkeeper for the University of Surrey’s lacrosse team, received 3 months’ worth of contact lenses free of charge from Specsavers in Guildford.

Clowance has been a part of the team for a year and was keen to try out contact lenses to help her improve her game.

She says: ‘I’ve been wearing glasses for 11 years and often struggled on the pitch with my eyesight. ‘Specsavers advised me on the benefits of wearing contact lenses when playing sports or exercising. My game has really improved as a result and I couldn’t be more grateful to them for this gift.’

Benefits to sports enthusiasts

Specsavers Guildford store director, Andrew Lewis says: ‘As a community-focused store we were more than happy to help Clowance.

‘Contact lenses are extremely beneficial to sport enthusiasts and can vastly improve their performance by providing them with clear eyesight without hassle. We hope Clowance enjoys her new contact lenses and continues to play a fantastic game.’

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