The team at Specsavers Greenford have shown their commitment to supporting customers with glaucoma by taking on a new training course.

Training for team

Ahead of World Glaucoma Week this March, the whole team at the Broadway store took the time to complete an online training course designed by Specsavers and the International Glaucoma Association.

Supporting customers

The course is designed to help retail staff better support customers with glaucoma by teaching them how to effectively administer eye drops – really important in glaucoma management.

Regular eye tests

Nawaz Haque, store director in Greenford, said: ‘We are committed to serving our customers, and this training is just an extra tool in our toolbox.

‘Regular eye tests are really important in detecting glaucoma, as it can often have no symptoms in the early stages. Any sight lost before it is detected cannot be restored, so if you have not had an eye test for a while you really should book one today.’

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