Practice manager, Roxanne England, started with Specsavers as a receptionist six and a half years ago and is now looking to work her way towards becoming a director.   

Rise to success
Roxanne, 28, from Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, always wanted a role that involved taking care of other people, and in her younger years dreamt of becoming a doctor. However, after finding a position at Specsavers she realised her true calling in a place where she could treat and look after her customers as well as earning her title as a practice manager and having the ability to work her way up to the top.  

Roxanne credits her director, Martin McCormack, for helping her achieve success in the business as he provided her with the support and training she needed.  
Promoted first to dispenser and then supervisor, she took up a position as practice manager of Specsavers in Great Yarmouth in 2015. 

A comment from Roxanne
Roxanne said: ‘I love serving the local community and the entire team made me feel welcome from day one. It’s really lovely to see I’ve made a difference as customers now come in and ask for me specifically!’ 
‘I’m really proud to work for the company and excited about the opportunities that are yet to come.’

Did you know 
Roxanne is a great advocate of local youth Theatre Company Great Yarmouth Children’s Theatre and tries to get the store involved as often as she can in supporting them. 

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