Specsavers Grays was a wash with red as 17 members of the local chapter of Rainbows came to visit.

Rainbow leader Rachel brought the group as part of a string of events to celebrate their 10-year anniversary; including parties, a road safety workshop and learning about eye safety.

Learning about the eye

Optometrists Minjinder Boparai and Dana Hawrami gave the children a presentation on how the eye works, what we see and how the eye perceives it. The young ladies were then able to ask questions and try on different styles of specs.

Important teaching made fun

Store director and ophthalmic optometrist Kiran Kaur said: ‘It was so lovely to have the girls in, to find out more about their eyes and what they can do to keep them safe. It’s important to teach children from a young age, but we also had a lot of fun.’

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