Gosport opticians are keen to remind people about the benefits of contact lenses.

Contact lenses as an alternative

Playing sports with glasses on can often be difficult, which is one of the reasons why Specsavers are encouraging people to try contact lenses as an alternative.

Store director Philippe Brogan said: 'A lot of people are wary about trying contact lenses, but I'd like to offer my advice to help people realise that they're comfortable, easy to use and available to almost anyone.

There's a myth that contact lenses are very tricky to use. However, our store offers a fully comprehensive service to help people when they're trying contact lenses for the first time. 

A comfortable fit

'Another myth is that they're not comfortable, but our high-tech materials provide a fit that suits the person and makes them even forget that they're wearing contact lenses!

Furthermore, people can think that they're too young or old for contacts, which is incorrect - they're available to those at any age, being particularly helpful to children who play a lot of sport.

I'd like to invite our Gosport community to come and try contact lenses in-store - come and visit us at 120 High Street to try yours today.'

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