We all know that getting your recommended daily intake of five fruits and vegetables can be beneficial to your general health, but did you also know it could also help improve your eyesight?

New research suggests regularly eating fruit and veg packed with vitamin C could help people keep their vision healthier for longer.

Optical experts at Specsavers in Gosport are now encouraging residents to make similar healthy changes to their lifestyle to benefit their eyesight.

Healthy outlook

Philippe Brogan, store director at Specsavers Gosport, says: ‘Whether you’re still keeping up New Year’s resolutions or just looking to get healthier in general, taking in more vitamin C could help to increase the longevity of healthy vision.

‘Having regular eye tests is also a great way to keep your eyesight in check, and we would recommend people visit their local opticians at least once every two years for a check-up.’

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