A Glasgow based opticians has formed a partnership with its local community youth centre, to help educate young people on the importance of eye health.

The team from Specsavers Glasgow Forge were recently invited along to Fuse Youth Cafe, based in the east end of Glasgow, to present an eye health session to the junior children aged eight to 10 years old.

Store directors Angela Lucas and Sufyaan Aslam presented the session to the children where they taught them the basics of the anatomy of the eye and the importance of eye health and regular checks.

Due to the success of the session the store has formed a partnership with the community centre to continue to work with them in the future and present more sessions.

A word from the store director

Sufyaan Aslam, ophthalmic director at Specsavers Glasgow Forge, said: ‘It was a great day visiting the children at Fuse to present them with a fun, interactive session about eye health and the importance of regular eye checks.

‘Fuse carry out amazing work within the local community in supporting young children and we are thrilled to have formed a partnership with them. We are looking forward to building on this to share more knowledge with the children in the weeks and months to come.’

A word from the CEO of Fuse Youth Café

Gerry Baldwin, CEO of Fuse Youth Café said: ‘We are thrilled to be working in partnership with Specsavers. Fuse prides itself on delivering life skill programmes to the children and young people we work with. With mobile applications such as tablets and phones being such a big part of a young person’s life, it is essential that they are mindful of the effects that they have on their eyes. The partnership with Specsavers shares important information about eye care which we hope will prevent future issues.’

Fuse Youth Cafe Glasgow is a charity working in East Glasgow providing a variety of services to young people in the area. Fuse offers a safe place for young people with a café area, gig space, annex and internet café.

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