Staff at the Galashiels store have raised a bumper donation for Down’s Syndrome Scotland, after taking part in a charity weight-loss event. The contribution was made in October to coincide with Down’s Syndrome Awareness Month.


The initiative was led by store charity champion Charmaine MacLeod, with Dani Patterson and optometrist director Iain McFadyen helping to drive donations. Store staff lost an impressive 71lbs between them and raised £445.


A word from the charity champion

Specsavers Galashiels store assistant, Charmaine MacLeod, says: ‘The inspiration for the initiative was my son Emrys. The staff know him and he makes everyone smile when he visits the store.


‘Down’s Syndrome Scotland works hard to change perceptions, whilst also supporting families with the more challenging aspects of life with Down’s syndrome. Crucially they also give people with Down’s syndrome a voice, opportunities in employment and more. I want to give Emrys every chance at success in life and charities like these help make it possible.’


A word from the director

Iain McFadyen, optometrist director at Specsavers Galashiels, says: ‘Emrys is a real character and he was the reason we all wanted to get behind this initiative. Staff lost the weight over a six-week period through a combination of diet, exercise and a dash of determination.


‘I’m incredibly proud of the team’s efforts and it will be a pleasure to donate the cash to such a worthy cause. I would also like to thank our customers for their generous donations.’


Down’s Syndrome Scotland is a member-led charity dedicated to supporting people with Down’s syndrome and their families and carers. Providing all through life support across Scotland, the charity supports people with Down’s syndrome to reach their fullest potential.