Iain McFadyen is a director at Specsavers in Galashiels. Read on to find out more about Iain and your local opticians.

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I'm 29 years old. I got married in 2013 to a girl I met at university, so conversations in our house are very eye-orientated! My sister and brother-in-law are also opticians - we've decided to never work with each other though. We would probably drive each other mad.

How did you come to run a Specsavers store ?

I've worked for Specsavers since before I even qualified. Originally was a floor staff member in Glasgow helping people choose glasses, then I went to university to study. When I became a qualified optician I took a position in Edinburgh but knew ultimately I wanted to help run a store of my own, so I worked with Stuart (the existing Director) and eventually came on here at Galashiels as a Partner.

Do you wear specs, and if so, what is your favourite style?

The last pair I bought were chunky plastic tortoiseshell sunglasses with a brown tint - they live in the car for driving so I really like those ones.

Tell us about your job and the experience you have?

I've been testing eyes for around 10 years now and have also spent time at the hospitals in Glasgow, Edinburgh and the Borders. I also supervise upcoming opticians, helping them through their exams and getting qualified.

What does an eye test involve?

A mixture of health-related checks and vision-related tests. Lots of bright lights and reading letters as people expect. It’s as much about making sure the eyes are healthy as it is about the glasses side of things.

Why is it so important to get your eyes checked regularly?

These days a lot of the diseases that were so hard to treat historically are relatively simple if caught as early as possible. Especially with kids as well - catching something early is always fantastic and gives us the best chance of being able to help someone. It’s always hard when I get a patient who hasn't been tested in 10 years and they appear to have had a condition for the last 5 of those…unfortunately with some conditions it may be too late to treat.

Does your store also offer Hearcare?

Yes we offer screenings, tests and fittings. We are becoming increasingly busy now with the Hearcare side of things and that's great. It’s an excellent service to complement the eyecare side of things.

Who should consider getting a hearing test?

Anyone who feels like they are struggling or is sick of other people telling them they need to go get one - we get a lot of people dragged in by their significant others!

How can patients book an eye or hearing test?

Just give us a call and we can help you organise everything. The staff here are really friendly and will happily arrange for you to come in and see us whenever suits you. We're open Saturdays and Sundays and do a late night on Thursdays to help offer a time everyone can manage.

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