Hundreds of pairs of old glasses have been collected by Specsavers in Folkestone to donate to Alongside Africa, which supports people in Uganda.

Making a difference

Volunteers for the charity have travelled to Southwestern Uganda to distribute the glasses to people who cannot afford them.

Alongside Africa Chairman, Lawrance Titterton says: ‘We started the charity four years ago in a bid to provide members for marginalised and disadvantaged communities to earn a living. Being able to read is a key aspect of this.

‘We believe that providing opportunities rather than aid is the best way for people to help themselves and retain independence.

Year-long collection

‘Providing these glasses makes such a difference – many of the people that we support have been able to read for the first time in years, which is an amazing experience for them. Often, poor diet and very difficult living conditions can cause deterioration in their sight so many have suffered with poor vision.

‘Specsavers have been collecting glasses over the course of this year for our charity and the communities that we support are very grateful for their help.’

Opportunities for everyone

Store director David Cavender says: ‘We’re still collecting glasses for Alongside Africa and encourage people to keep donating their old and unused glasses.

‘It’s so important that everyone has access to eyecare services and appropriate eyewear and we want to do all we can to help towards achieving this.’

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