The team in Flint has celebrated successfully launching a dedicated Driver Awareness Week in store from 21 – 27 May.

The campaign, which highlights the importance of good eyesight and driving safely, encouraged motorists to visit the store for a free eye test.

Specsavers’ Driver Awareness Week aims to send the message to motorists that undertaking regular eye tests is essential, because poor vision could significantly affect someone’s ability to drive safely.

Driving home the road safety message

In order to meet the legal requirement for driving in the UK, all drivers must be able to read a licence plate from 20.5m in clear conditions. If you can’t meet this standard, your insurance could be invalid. 

The initiative follows the concerning fact that motorists’ eyes are only examined during their driving test.

Store director Richard Price said: ‘The current system relies on drivers to self-test and keep up-to-date with their eye examinations, which not everyone does.’

Spotting the signs

Richard added: ‘Your eyesight can deteriorate very slowly, meaning you might not even notice when your eyesight falls below the standard required for driving.  For example it is possible for glaucoma sufferers to lose up to 40% of their peripheral vision before they even notice they have a problem.

'That’s why it’s so important to have an eye test every two years, or sooner if you notice a change in your vision. The law also states that certain eye conditions, such as cataracts and glaucoma must be reported to the DVLA.’

Drivers have a responsibility to report any sight problems to the DVLA. Drivers who don’t make the DVLA aware of their issues or fail to have regular eye tests risk serious repercussions if involved in an accident.

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