The team in Fleet is urging customers to have their 2-year eye examinations this month.

June puts spotlight on eye health

June is a key time in the annual calendar for eye awareness and they all point in one direction - stressing the importance of good eye health.  Many customers know they need to have their eyes checked regularly so vision can be 2020 with corrective eye wear.  But many do not realise that an eye examination can also uncover early indicators of certain health issues.

How eyes tells us lots of things

The awareness weeks in June are promoting messaging around glaucoma, age macular degeneration (AMD) and diabetes.  Did you know that an eye test at Fleet will also include taking a photography of the back of the eye that can spot the early signs of some of these conditions?

Fleet is home to an amazing piece of technology called the optical coherence tomography (OCT).  It works like a camera, taking a detailed three-dimensional snapshot of the eye to enable an optometrist to take a very detailed look at the retina.

Certain retinal eye diseases such as glaucoma, AMD and diabetes can be monitored and anomalies can be identified early on thanks to this wonderful piece of technology.  Its role is also paramount when it comes to saving our sight.

Why the reminder for 2 year check ups?

With these relevant awareness weeks running in June, the Fleet team thought it was a good time to remind people to put their 2 year eye check ups high on the agenda. In rare cases, life threatening conditions can be spotted during a routine eye test which is why they are so important.

To book your appointment, simply call the store or visit the website for online booking.

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