Audiology experts in Felixstowe are giving out advice to raise awareness of tinnitus.

Hearing aid audiologist Westly Fox at Specsavers in Felixstowe, offers some guidance on managing tinnitus, which currently has no known cure.

Westly said: ‘Tinnitus is surprisingly common, affecting 10% of adults in the UK. Music is everywhere these days so everyone is at risk of hearing damage. Whether you’re listening to it through headphones on the daily commute, at your favourite bands’ gigs or even just spending a lot of time in noisy restaurants, the noise level can be very loud.

Loud volume can affect hearing

‘Overexposure to loud volume can seriously affect our hearing. In fact, it only takes one instance of overexposure to cause permanent damage so it’s always best to protect your hearing before you lose it. You might be familiar with the temporary ringing in your ears after attending a loud concert or sporting event, but for some, the struggle with this constant internal buzzing affects their life on a daily basis.'

Westly added: ‘It is a symptom – rather than a disorder or disease – that affects a person’s nerve pathway between the ear and the brain, and the type of noise heard varies from person to person. Similarly, people manage their tinnitus in different ways, so it’s important to do what’s right for you.’

Top tips to manage tinnitus

Learn to relax: worrying about tinnitus causes tension which can worsen the condition. Therefore, learning to relax is an important part of the relief process.

Avoid silence: in a totally quiet environment your brain will try to hear any sound more clearly - including the sound of your tinnitus

Avoiding earplugs: if you have tinnitus, you should not wear any kind of earplugs that make it more difficult to hear, except when exposed to very loud noises.

Keep active: keeping active and involved in your interests and hobbies can enhance your quality of life and help you focus on other things aside from tinnitus

Stay healthy: it is also important to monitor your overall health and wellbeing

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