Keen to promote the importance of eye health during National Eye Health Week is store director, Lateef Iqbal.

Visit from the Town Mayor

Mayor of Farnham, Councillor Mike Hodge was invited to the store to hear about a recent study conducted in association with charity,  Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB). Some shocking findings were shared: adults put their boiler before their vision and half of sight loss conditions are preventable.

Why eye tests every two years are essential

Lateef says: 'It's crazy to think that we service our boiler once a year, but only half of us had our eyes tested longer than a year ago, if at all. That's why we are doing all we can to raise awareness of sight loss with our association with RNIB and alert people to the fact that some sight loss conditions are preventable.

'Sadly, we see cases that are rare but extreme - such as early indicators of a tumour during an eye examination. So we urge everyone to make sure they book their 2 year appointment as a priority because it's that extra layer of reassurance that you are taking control of your health.'

The survey findings have been released this month and was conducted by an independent YouGov poll of over 6,000 adults in the UK.  The report forms part of RNIB and Specsavers' transforming eye health campaign that includes a multi-million pound investement in marketing and nationwide fundraising.

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