Romance is thriving in Farnham, it seems!

Meet Specsavers Farnham's oldest married couple
The team at Farnham welcomes customers from every age bracket, every background all year round, and love to hear their stories.  So when Arthur Denham, who is 93 years old, told staff that he had been married for 74 years to his wife and customer of ours, Peggy Denham, we felt that deserved a handshake with the store manager and a photo on our website!

74 years of wedded bliss
It's amazing to think that Arthur and Peggy were married in 1942, during World War II, when Arthur was just 19 years old and Peggy was 18 years old.  It was a time when King George VI ruled and Sir Winston Churchill was Prime Minister.  It was also the year that Beatle-legend, Paul McCartney was born.

Tell us your stories
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