A survey by the Falmouth store has revealed that 95% of local people questioned at the Stithians show think compulsory sight tests should be mandatory before anyone is allowed to drive.

Sight tests related to driving

The store undertook research at the show, polling 268 visitors in total. They asked attendees of the annual show about their attitude towards sight tests, particularly related to driving.

Recommended timeframe

Results revealed 9% of people have not had an eye examination within two years, which is the recommended timeframe between tests.

Furthermore, less than half of people surveyed have their hearing and sight tested at the store and good hearing is also important for driving.

Stithians Show

Gillian Sanguinette, store director said; ‘We really enjoyed our day at the Stithians Show and meeting lots of local people. We are pleased that so many people questioned feel that sight tests for driving should be compulsory. ‘We advise all our customers to come back for regular eye tests to ensure that they will stay safe on the road.’

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