Lifesaving equipment is going to be made available to everyone in Falmouth thanks to Specsavers. S

Specsavers hopes to get permission to put its defibrillator on the Prince of Wales Pier where everyone has access to it in an emergency.


Nick Turuelo, manager of the Specsavers in Falmouth, said: "We have been raising money and saving up for eight months to get a defibrillator for the town.

"Many times, particularly in the summer, the town is closed to traffic and we thought (having a defibrillator available) may save a life."

The store have raised £1,250 and has purchased the machine through the Cornish charity Coast Medic.

Community Heartbeat Trust

According to the charity Community Heartbeat Trust, a publicly accessible defibrillator could increase the chances of survival significantly.

Following a cardiac arrest the chance of survival decreases by 23 per cent per minute and therefore it is vital that medical treatment starts as soon as possible.

Delivered training

Firefighters from Falmouth have delivered training to staff at Specsavers in the use of the equipment as well as giving them confidence to help in such an emergency.

Firefighter Martyn Addinall said: "The prompt action of someone trained in life support techniques can be vital.

"We covered all areas of the accredited course developed by the British Heart Foundation, including how to perform CPR and how to put a casualty in the recovery position."

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