Customers often come in store to have glasses adjusted to suit their individual needs. Sometimes, however, glasses need a bit more attention than just a tweak or two.

Optical assistant Victoria Smith and apprentice Dana Wurr recently went the extra mile for a customer whose glasses needed some major TLC. 

Went beyond the call of duty

‘We would like to praise two young ladies who went beyond the call of duty when I presented them with a very sorry pair of glasses that had been lost and run over by a car in a car park. 

‘The frames were not repairable, but Victoria and Dana went out of their way to salvage the lenses, which weren't damaged, and they spent the last half hour of their working day trying their absolute best to fit these lenses into a new frame for me. 

‘The lenses were a very tight fit because the frames were slightly different to the ones I had broken, but they were undaunted, and together, after taking it in turns and using the heater to make the frames more malleable, they finally succeeded - in spite of sore fingers and some exasperation! 

Keen to please the customer

‘We were so impressed with them. Both girls were very friendly, efficient and conscientious, and very keen to please the customer. They were as pleased as we were that the lenses, miraculously, fitted in to the new frames in the end. Both Victoria and I nearly wept with joy!

‘Please pass on our warmest wishes to both these lovely girls. They are a credit to your company and deserve the highest praise possible.’

Anna, Fakenham

At Specsavers we always strive to provide the highest level of customer service and care so its great to receive such positive feedback from our customers. If you've had an experience you'd like to share please visit our online feedback page.

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