Children in some of the poorest countries are set to benefit from a donation of new glasses from staff at Specsavers Exmouth.

Staff have shipped over 65 children’s frames in the last couple of months to the charity Vision Aid Overseas (VAO)

A word from the store

Store director Ria Heskins said: ‘We realised that we had children’s glasses that could not be sold and thought that the best way to use them was to send them to those who really needed them.

'We are hoping to do the same next year and in the meantime will continue to collect all used glasses for the charity as well.’

About Vision Aid Overseas

Vision Aid Overseas is an international charity dedicated to fighting poverty in developing countries by transforming access to eyecare.

It is estimated that 670 million people – 10% of the world’s population – are disadvantaged by poor vision and a lack of glasses.

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