Exmouth has held its first ever Strongman competition to raise valuable funds for the Royal Marines, who have a training centre for new recruits nearby in Lympstone.

Competitors threw their weight around in order to demonstrate their superior strength at the Strongman on the Exe event which took place as part of a family fun day at the Imperial Recreation Grounds.

Proud sponsors

The contest, which was sponsored by the store, involved events designed to test the contestants’ strength to its limits, including the notoriously difficult Atlas Stones where competitors are challenged to lift stones of up to 160kg onto raised platforms.

Store director, Ria Heskins, thought the event was a great success: ‘We are thrilled to have been the primary sponsors. It was a first for the town and we jumped at the opportunity to be part of such an exciting local fundraiser. We are grateful to have contributed to the money raised for the Royal Marines and the local Commando Training Centre.’

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