Always keen to answer the needs of its local communities is Specsavers.

New testing room debuts

To meet the growing demand for sight tests with customers, directors at the Epsom store have invested in a new testing room at the store. 

This now brings the number of testing rooms up to five.

Quality of service yours at Epsom

Amit Patel, store director said: 'Customers are our best advocates, and with word of mouth continuing to grow about our services, it figures that demand has increased and we felt it was important to expand with the extra test room to ensure we meet expectations.'

Time to book an eye test?

Amit observes that eye examinations happen all year and there isn't the high peaks and lows as experienced by other retailers. 

'That said, Christmas time can see a bit of a spike with people wanting new party look frames and in the New Year, people's health is on their radar. It's great to have the extra testing room at a time when footfall can slightly increase.

'We have online booking now available via our website and we are reminding customers to make a sight test a priority in the New Year. As with your overall body health, eyes and our vision deserve the same level of TLC and attention.'

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