Deepika meets the Deputy Mayor – twice!

Dispensing Assistant Deepika was all smiles recently, as she received a special award in-store, presented by Deputy Mayor Councillor Kate Anolue.

Going the extra mile

Deepika was nominated by her store directors Mark and Alan, for 'going the extra mile' and ‘never saying no to anything’. The team wanted to recognise her for her positive attitude on the shop floor, where she has been working for the past five years.

Familiar faces

The store directors asked Deputy Mayor Councillor Kate Anolue to present a gift voucher and chocolates to Deepika during her visit to the store to celebrate Enfield becoming the 500th Platinum Employer in the country. But unexpectedly, Deepika and Councillor Kate had met before, with Deepika recognising Councillor Kate as being the person she had received her citizenship certificate from years prior when she was mayor of Enfield.

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