A hearing director from the Enfield store travelled 9,102 miles to see a customer who couldn’t get to the store for his annual ear test.

Travelling to Jamaica

Derek Lawson made the special trip after discovering that his patient was unable to travel back to the UK. Mr Winston Hanson, previously an Enfield resident affectionately known by locals as ‘uncle’, refused to give up his annual appointment despite moving back to Jamaica to enjoy his retirement.

He said: ‘I have been going to Derek at Specsavers in Enfield for almost five years now. As I was coming back to the UK at least once a year anyway, I saw no reason to cancel my check-ups.’

Astonishing service

Having phoned the store to let them know that he was unable to make the journey this year, his audiologist, Derek Lawson, jumped at the chance to return his patient’s call with the news that – by amazing coincidence – he had a trip booked to Jamaica.

‘When Derek called to say he would still be able to see me despite my being unable to travel, I was delighted. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing to be honest. My wife and I were astonished,’ added Mr Hanson.

During his vacation to the Caribbean island Derek stuck to his word, carrying out a full service on his customer’s hearing aids in the sunshine of Mr Hanson’s garden.

Smiles all round

Derek commented: ‘It may seem extreme, but I was only too happy to undertake Mr Hanson’s hearing appointment while visiting Jamaica. He is well-regarded by all of us at Specsavers Enfield and it was my pleasure to do a home visit and share a beverage in the sun.

‘This is what Specsavers stands for on service and I’m proud the customer was so happy with the treatment he received.’

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