The team at Specsavers Ely is reminding residents to be road safety aware this month.

Be safe, be seen
Snow, rain, ice - all bring their hazards for drivers.  But it is also important to keep children safe when on the roads and pavements too.

Top tips
With this in mind, Specsavers Ely has a few simple tips for parents to be sure children are kept safe when out and about this Christmas time:

  1. Be visible. High visibility jacket are great but there are other options too. Get light reflective stickers for bags, lights for bikes and scooters, torches for walking on the pavements.
  2. Explain road safety rules. Encourage your child to talk about these rules, what they see on the road, what they think is safe and not safe
  3. Offer help and guidance.  Start to engage your child in making decisions about road safety. For example, by telling you when they think it is safe to cross the road
  4. Step away from the edge.  When walking with children, encourage your child to walk away from the pavement edge
  5. Get your sight checked. Both you and your child should have your sight checked regularly. As parents, we have a responsibility to see children on the road, and also, we have a responsibility to ensure a child can see all the hazards when out on pavements and near busy roads.

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