Mallory Peter, audiologist at Specsavers Elgin answers the most commonly asked questions and myths about hearing and hearing aids.

Why should I get a hearing test?

We tend to take our hearing for granted but it can deteriorate very gradually over time and a hearing loss can impact your lifestyle and other aspects of your general health and wellbeing without us realising. So it’s important to get your hearing checked regularly. If the loss is identified sooner rather than later, it’s easily resolved in most cases.

How will I know if I have a hearing loss?

Everyone experiences hearing loss in different ways, so it’s hard to say exactly. However there are symptoms that are more common than others, such as difficulty following group conversations or feeling that ‘everyone mumbles these days!’
I usually ask my patients question such as:
Has someone suggested that you’re not hearing as well as before?

Do you tend to have the TV much louder than others?

Do you avoid certain activities or even simple phone calls because they’re hard work?

If any of these scenarios ring a bell, you should give us a visit at Specsavers Elgin to have your hearing checked.

What will happen when I come for a test? Will I need hearing aids straight away?

At Specsavers the hearing checks are free, quick and non-invasive. We check the physical health of the ear and assess your hearing levels to form a thorough prescription. From that we can advise on what the next steps are.

If the results suggest you would benefit from hearing aids then we discuss all aspects of your hearing and which devices will best suit your needs.

Are the small in-the-ear aids more expensive?

No, in-the-ear aids are no more expensive than any other style. Prices are based on level of technology and the aids capabilities, not on size. There’s no need to worry however, as the majority of hearing aid styles are very discreet these days and not like the devices your parents may have worn.

Once I get hearing aids will I depend on them?

Only as much as you may depend on your glasses to see clearly! You’ll feel as though you want to wear them more often when you experience a great improvement to your hearing.

Will my hearing get worse if I wear hearing aids?

Your hearing naturally deteriorates over time in the same way your sight does, but not due to wearing hearing aids.

Some people do notice a difference in their hearing after wearing them for long periods of time, however this is only a illusion. A hearing aid can highlight how much the wearer has actually been missing, and when the hearing aid is removed, the loss is just more noticeable.

Will my hearing aid whistle?

No, a well-fitted hearing device should not whistle whilst worn in the ear. It is the nature of the aid to ‘give feedback’ or whistle when the aid isn’t inserted in correctly or there is a build-up of wax, but these issues are very easily dealt with.

Can I sleep with my hearing aids in?

Do you sleep with you glasses on? Only by accident, maybe! We recommend you take them out at night for comfort.

Will the hearing aids cut out background noise?

No, hearing aids won’t cut out all background noise. If a device did this, your day-to-day environment would sound very unnatural and could also be dangerous in certain situations. We do however have a selection of devices which can successfully assist in difficult, noisy environments.

What happens if I do not get on with my hearing aids?

At Specsavers Elgin we take great care to cater to all types of patients and their particular needs. If we find however that we can’t get you to where you want to be with your hearing and you are not satisfied, we do offer a full 90-day money back guarantee with all of our devices.

As audiologists we strive to get the best hearing possible for our patients, simply because we know the right hearing aid can change an individual’s life. .

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