If you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, it is likely that you have been told you need to use special eye drops on a regular basis.

It is important they are used as directed, and effectively, to minimise the risk of any further sight loss due to the condition.

Advice in store

If you need some advice on how to do this, you should pop down to see the team at Specsavers Edmonton Green, in North Mall, Edmonton Green Shopping Centre.

Some of the team at the store have recently taken a new training course backed by the International Glaucoma Association which gives retail staff the skills to effectively support customers with glaucoma to manage their condition.

A word from the store director

Archana Kanabar, store director in Edmonton Green, said: ‘Glaucoma is usually treated with eye drops, although there are other options if they do not work for you. To apply them, you need to pull down your lower eyelid, then drop a single drop into the pocket that creates. You then need to make sure to close your eye tightly and keep it closed for several minutes.

‘If you have to use more than one type of drops, you will need to leave five minutes before using another. Then, you can press the inside corner of your eyelid with your eye closed to reduce any drainage. If you need more support, or some help from one of the team, come and see us.’

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