Tracy Atnip is the new store director at Specsavers Edgware in the Broadwalk Shopping Centre after having been with Specsavers for five years.

Tracy grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and moved to England eight years ago with her partner and daughters.

Proacrive customer service

Tracy was originally a Specsavers customer before embarking upon a career with the company and says she was attaracted by the positive customer service philosophy. Back in Nashville, Tracy worked as a district regional manager within the retail industry, running a vast number of locations.

Tracy, a big country music fan, said: ‘I joined Specsavers because I love what they stand for, and how we treat each customer as an individual, tailoring each experience to their needs.

I’m really looking forward to 2015 at the Specsavers Edgware store and getting to know the customers.’

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