Specsavers East Grinstead recently took the opportunity to improve their glaucoma skills ahead of World Glaucoma Week.

Some of the retail team at the London Road store have taken an online training course designed by the International Glaucoma Association and Specsavers.

Effective use of eye drops

The course should help the team better support customers with glaucoma by enhancing their knowledge of how to effectively use eye drops.

These are often crucial in managing the condition.

Early detection matters

Kumar Keshavji, store director in East Grinstead, said: ‘Regular eye tests are vital in the early detection of glaucoma. And early detection really matters, because while glaucoma can be treated, sight lost before it is detected has been lost for good.

‘Our team are ready to help you in store – whether you need an eye test, or whether you already have glaucoma and need some help managing it. So why not come and see us soon.’

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