With the Eastbourne International Air Show - Airbourne just around the corner, local audiologists are reminding residents to be mindful of their hearing when visiting the event.

Staff at Specsavers in Eastbourne are letting the local community know about the importance of having regular hearing tests and protecting their ears while attending the show. 

Protect your hearing

Martin Dodd, hearing director at Specsavers Hearing Centre in Eastbourne, said: ‘It’s extremely important to take care of your hearing while visiting events like Airbourne.

‘These events often have noise levels of more than 120 decibels and repeated exposure to that sort of noise could cause permanent, irreversible damage.

‘To help with this we would recommend taking earplugs along to the show to help reduce noise levels, and we’ll be there on the day handing out over 500 pairs free to spectators.

Free hearing checks

‘Even if you’re not heading down to the air show, it’s still important to take care of your hearing day-to-day, even when listening to music through your headphones. Noise cancelling headphones are best as they exclude outside noise, meaning you can keep the volume slightly lower.’

Hearing can deteriorate for a number of reasons, including age and prolonged or cumulative exposure to loud noise.

Specsavers Audiologists offers free hearing checks to customers. Ask in-store for a quick three-minute check or, if you’d prefer to go for a fully in-depth hearing test, they’re free too and will be carried out by a fully-qualified hearing professional.

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