Research from Action on Hearing Loss suggests that one in six people in the UK has a hearing problem – and that some even suffer for up to a decade before seeking help.

So if you are increasingly finding that you are struggling to hear the TV, you are definitely not alone. The good news is that Specsavers Eastbourne might well be able to help.

Free hearing test

With a free three minute hearing test from the store, in Terminus Road, you can find out how much of your hearing you have lost, and get some tips from a qualified audiologist on how to cope.

While there is no obligation to buy a hearing aid, if you do decide to do so you will find an extensive selection to choose from. And whatever you choose, from a modern and small behind the ear model to an inner ear model, you will not pay any extra. So you can find the perfect hearing aid for you at a great price.

Come and see us

Martin Dodd, audiology director at Specsavers Eastbourne, said: ‘Too many people suffer for too long with increasingly poor hearing. This is really sad, when you consider that a quick and simple test could set you on a path to a much better – and louder – life.

‘So, whether your hearing is ruining the football or Strictly Come Dancing, if you have noticed that you are finding it harder to hear the TV than you used to, please come and see us and let us help you.’

You can book a free hearing test at Specsavers Eastbourne online.

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