Granted, sunglasses make a fantastic fashion statement, but their main purpose is to protect eyes from harmful UV rays. The experts at Specsavers Dunstable explain why.

How the sun damages eyes
Excessive exposure to UV rays in the summer time can cause real pain and irritation to the cornea at the front of the eye.  It is known in more extreme cases to even lead to cancer of the cornea, hence the need for protective eyewear.

Other conditions such as age related macular degeneration, cataracts and at its worst, blindness, can be caused by exposure too.  Just as we apply suncream to our skin, it needs to be part of our mindset to wear the right pair of sunglasses too for ultimate protection.

Fashion vs quality of protection
Sunglasses look fantastic and you can channel all kinds of looks dependent on the choice of frame.  But remember, the important bit is to look for is the CE kite mark.  This assures you of the lenses quality and 99-100 per cent UV protection is also indicated on labelling with the UV-400 mark.

Prescription vs off the shelf purchases
At Specsavers Dunstable, we will take your prescription and create the right lenses for you in a style of frame of your choosing.  We suggest investing in photochromic lenses that adapt to light changes and darken in bright light.  Style isn't comprised with prescription sunglasses either.  We have a great selection for everyone in the family. From 70s retro specs, military chic to classic Hollywood cats eyes, we are home to the latest collections from the likes of Karl Lagerfeld and Cheap Monday.

Pop in and have a chat about our range.  We are here to protect the whole family's eyes and would love to chat more about our offer.

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