A young Dunstable boy’s life has been transformed forever following innovative eye treatment at local opticians.

Visual stress

After years of suffering with visual stress Scott Smith, 13, has been given a new lease of life by optometrists at the Specsavers store in Dunstable, one of a handful of stores offering the colourimetry testing which uses different shades and colours to improve eyesight.


For many years, life was a struggle for Scott who had problems with basic, everyday tasks such as reading. This made school a challenging prospect for Scott as he suffered from visual stress, ultimately leading to problems with his self-confidence. However, all this has changed since Scott’s visit to the Dunstable store.

Colourimetry testing

Specsavers optometrist and colourimetry testing specialist, Nichola Buckingham, says: ‘From the first moment we put on Scott’s coloured lenses his face lit up. He even referred to them as magic! Having worked with many patients in the past who suffer from visual stress, I have seen the difference that colourimetry testing can make in a person’s life.

Mental strain

‘Visual stress can be extremely uncomfortable and a great mental strain, causing painful and persistent headaches. For Scott, car journeys were tense on a count of the blurring and movement of the straight lines along the roads and reading was a constant struggle, all common symptoms of visual stress. Approximately 5% of the population suffer severely from visual stress, with 20% suffering to a lesser extent so it’s crucial that people are made aware of colourimetry testing and it’s benefits.’

Eternally grateful

Scott’s mum, Anne Smith, says: ‘We are eternally grateful to Specsavers and Nichola for all their hard work. We are still so shocked by the difference that the coloured lenses have made and I would really urge anyone out there who suffers from visual stress or knows someone that suffers to enquire at their local Specsavers opticians regarding colourimetry testing.’

Certain opticians

Colourimetry testing is still a relatively unknown form of testing and is only offered by certain opticians. This method of testing is aimed at those who suffer from visual stress when reading. This can be in the form of headaches, movement or blurring in print when reading or quickly tiring. The condition can affect anyone at any age although it is common amongst those that suffer from learning difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, photosensitive epilepsy, autism and ADHD.


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