A trio of the Scottish Football Association’s top match officials visited Specsavers before taking charge of Dunfermline’s last game of the season. 

Don Robertson, Brian McGarry and Andy Milne visited Specsavers on the High Street to help raise awareness of the importance of eye tests, which is especially key in their line of work.

All three men had their eyes checked as well as chatting to staff and fans that stopped by the store. The men also signed a football which will be raffled off to raise money for local charities.

Raising Awareness
Don has been a category one referee for two years and has taken charge of some of Scotland’s biggest matches. He also has four international appointments under his belt, plus five as fourth official.

He says: ‘Brian, Andy and I are very aware of how important it is to take good care of our eyes, especially because of the role we play in football.

‘We had a good chat with staff at Specsavers in Dunfermline and it’s amazing what can be detected from just a simple eye test. It’s so vital that everyone goes for regular eye tests.

‘The staff took great care of us and thankfully our eyes are in good working order.’

Andy Hepburn, director of Specsavers in Dunfermline, says: ‘We would like to thank Don, Brian and Andy for taking the time before the last game of the season to visit the store.

‘Regular eye tests are so important and it was great to have the Scottish FA match officials in-store to highlight that vital message.

‘It’s a big day in Dunfermline and we are grateful to the refs for taking time out of their preparations.’

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