A schoolgirl from Errol has jumped three reading levels in a matter of weeks after having an eye test at Specsavers Dundee.

Charlotte, who lives with her parents and three siblings in Errol, has struggled with her reading since she started school, often telling her parents and teachers that the letters are blurry or moving around the page.

She is currently being tested for dyslexia but it was suggested to her mum, Tina, that a Meares-Irlen screening could be beneficial. The syndrome, which is also known as visual stress, affects the way the brain interprets the visual information that is being sent through the eyes, preventing people from reading effectively.

Specsavers recently launched this service to help young people and adults who are struggling with reading problems due to dyslexia or other difficulties.

Tina said: ‘Charlotte has had an issue with reading for a few years, I knew she wasn’t coping but as she is still quite young it is difficult to diagnose. However when she started primary five I was keen for the issue to be looked at more closely as I didn’t want her starting high school not being able to properly read and write.

When I found out about a screening for Meares-Irlen, I called Specsavers just to check if they could help and luckily they had just started a service so I was able to book an appointment.'

Specsavers was able to provide Charlotte with tinted glasses to help with her reading and they have made a massive difference.

Tina added: ‘We picked up her new glasses seven weeks ago and in that time she has moved up three reading levels and her confidence has soared. She would never have picked up a book to read it but now she is so happy reading, it’s brilliant. She is doing amazingly well and her teachers are so impressed.’

The store is running a weekly screening service since investing in special computer software.  Staff can help improve and enhance a person’s vision through use of different coloured overlays, reading guides, clip-ons and prescription tinted lenses.

Tony Caffrey, store director at Specsavers Dundee, said: ‘Charlotte’s mum couldn’t have called at a better time as we had just launched the service at Specsavers Dundee. For a girl of her age it can be quite upsetting to be struggling with reading and writing so we are thrilled to hear how much she has progressed in such a  short space of time and how much she enjoys wearing her new glasses.

We have already had a number of enquires about this service and we hope anyone who is experiencing similar issues will get in touch and book an appointment.’ 

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