A great-grandmother in Dundee has thanked Specsavers for helping her to hear again. Jean's hearing has been deteriorating for some time, and she has struggled to communicate with her family effectively as well as finding social events difficult.

The 83-year-old is also partially sighted and struggles with her mobility so her daughter, Lana, asked Specsavers in Dundee if it would be possible to arrange a home visit to assess her mum’s hearing.

Dave Parsons, director of audiology at Specsavers Hearing Centre, was happy to assist and was able to conduct a hearing test and fit Jean with her new hearing aids in the same visit.

Jean, who has two children, two grandchildren and three great-grandchildren, said: ‘The hearing aids have really given me a new lease of life. As I am partially sighted I do rely on my other senses quite heavily and I was really struggling to hear the television and people on the phone. 

It was incredible when I was fitted with the hearing aids, it was great to hear so clearly again. Dave also came back three weeks later to check everything was OK. I received such a good service and I am so pleased with my new hearing aids.’

Jean’s daughter, Lana, 61, added: ‘The difference is amazing, the television is no longer at full volume and I don’t need to stand in front of mum to speak to her. She also feels much more confident in company as she can hear the conversation.

Our family have been customers at Specsavers for years so when I asked Dave about a home visit, as there was no way we could have brought mum into store, he didn’t hesitate. He was brilliant, made her feel completely at ease and she is thrilled with her hearing aids.’

Specsavers Hearing Centre opened last year, expanding the Dundee store’s offering to take care of the city’s eyes and ears under one roof. The store is able to offer free hearing tests and advice, plus hearing aids that are both discreet and affordable, as well as providing a home visit service.

Dave Parsons said: ‘Conducting home visits is an important part of the service we offer at Specsavers as we appreciate how difficult it can be for customers to visit us in store. It was a pleasure to visit Jean and fit her with new hearing aids which have made a remarkable difference to her quality of life. 

The test we can do at home is very simple and we can fit hearing aids on the same day to ensure the service is as effective as possible. The Hearing Centre has been a huge and exciting challenge for the store and it has been really well supported by the local community. We will continue to work hard to ensure we are providing the best customer service as we move forward.’

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